"Bet She'an":

Here is "Bet She'an" my graduation film;
we were a team of six working on it and we realized it in a year. It's a full 3D movie where graphics have 2D appearance.
I was in charge of compositing,modeling,rigging and of a small part of lighting and rendering.
Here is the making off from CG Society:

This is my last student showreel , some works I have realised at Supinfocom Arles School

Street :

Work in progress, in my free time , almost five hours of work every week since height months:)

right now I'm training for architectural renderings and hopefully be able to produce truly realistic images in some time :)

Human face:

It is a work based on the texture of the skin, I needed to increase my knowledge in this direction.

The Marine: 

This Space Marine is from the video game starcraft, this is a personal work which allowed me to improve my skills mainly in modeling and texturing using 3dsmax and Zbrush.

 Here are the different rendering passes which have been used for the compositing:

The Satue:

Here is the main modeling I made for my graduation movie "Bet She'an". It was made with Zbrush